Broken Promise -- Paisley Kirkpatrick


After her grandfather's death, Rebecca Ryder finds herself the sole owner of his gold mine.

The inheritance would be a great asset, but her grandfather didn't tell her how to find its entrance. Now, if she cannot find it, a looming property tax bill could take her legacy away from her. The gold mine is her only shot at the independence she's desperately dreamed of her entire life.

Her problem is the infuriating Scots who live on the surrounding property. They are intent on ripping that future and her inheritance away from her.

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Trevin MacGregor could have sworn he saw triumph in Rochian's eyes for the split second it took his stallion to flip him over his head and slam him against the ground. Air burst from his lungs, leaving him gasping for a breath. The miserable piece of horseflesh did an about face and took off running.

Vulnerable to the whims of a huge mountain lion crouching on the granite precipice overhead, Trevin tried in desperation to pull air into his scalded lungs. The cat leaned forward on the jutting granite ledge licking his lips. Trevin caught the untamed challenge in the cat's contemplation -- it sent the promise of death. His death if he couldn't get himself out of this mess and soon.

"Don't move!" A woman with a sling in her hand stepped from a nearby grove of pine trees. Her command drifted across the distance on a slight breeze.

He gaped at the statuesque beauty. Where the hell had she come from?

She pulled a stone from a small bag hanging around her waist, inserted it into the pouch, and swung the straps. A high-pitched snarl pierced the air. Trevin kept watch on the cat. Two more stones followed the first in rapid succession. He waited for the wounded animal to pounce but much to his surprise it didn't. Instead, the cat turned and disappeared into the brush.

Trevin eased to his feet and ignored his stiff backside as he gawked at the amazing woman who saved his life. She returned his stare with inquisitive dark eyes, leaving him breathless again.

Curiosity drove Trevin toward her. "Who are you?"