STEALING HER HEART -- Paisley Kirkpatrick


A secret consumes Diana Bordain's life and sends her running from a certain death. She changes her identity and appearance to fit into her grandfather's world of trapping and trading.

Jory MacGregor swears an angel with a whip saved his life. He needs to learn her identity and discover why he's captivated by a woman who cries over a wolf's death.

Bounty hunters searching for the runaway heiress send them into hiding. Diana realizes the only way to find peace is to face her father and stop him from carrying out his threats.

Jory hopes his love is enough to convince Diana to trust in him before her memories drive her back into hiding with only her wolves and leaving him to yearn for a love he can never have.

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Red hot pain stabbed through Jory MacGregor's shoulder and down his back. He staggered, but held his balance. Fury spun him around with a raised fist, and he slammed a right hook against his attacker's chin. Jory slumped to his knees while watching the girl stumble backward before falling to the ground. He still bled profusely from the bite on his left arm, but knew luck had kept him alive. What a sad fate if he'd survived a wolf attack only to be killed by a crazed girl no taller than his chest.

"You killed my wolf!"

"What?" He could barely focus on her face through the haze of pain vibrating through him. Her wolf?


Jory wiped the perspiration from his eyes. "The damned thing attacked me, you ridiculous lass!"

She rolled to her feet and stumbled to the carcass. "I'm so sorry Ankla."

Through the exhaustion causing his eyes to droop, he swore he saw her pull his blade from the dead beast.

She cried and ran her hand over the wolf's blood-matted fur.

A whoop pierced his senses. Luc?

She stood and whistled, "Thweeeeeet!"

He heard her whistle, followed by the howl of wolves in the distance.

"You didn't have to kill him." She hurled his Bowie knife into the ground close to his boot and ran toward the hole in the fence. "He was my favorite," she tossed over her shoulder.

"Don't go." Jory tried to stand, but his knees buckled and he tumbled hard against the grassy field.