Love's Embrace -- Paisley Kirkpatrick

Love's Embrace

Genevieve Vellechamp believes her social background makes it impossible for her former carriage driver to love the real her. She changes her attitude and appearance to fit into every day trading post life, but he's still not convinced she's worth a second look.

Robert 'Big Dog' Adams has loved Genevieve forever, but he doesn't believe he's good enough to reveal his true feeling for the former San Francisco socialite.

Treachery through family ties invades their lives. He won't let gypsy thieves destroy the family he and Genevieve have grown to love as their own.

The death of the trading post cook takes Big Dog from the smithy shop into the kitchen. His limited knowledge of cooking proves a challenge, but he's ready for it. Genevieve volunteers to be his assistant. He shows her how to cook and she shows him she has worth.

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"How dare you let a servant manhandle you in such a familiar manner, Genevieve Vellechamp?"

Genevieve opened her mouth to respond, but Dr. Whitfield interrupted whatever she was about to say. "Your behavior is completely out of line." He stepped closer to her as he ranted and wagged his finger in front of her face. "Your mother would be horrified at your behavior."

The crackle of burning wood in the fireplace accentuated the silence that had descended upon the large room. Genevieve spun around and stared into Robert's eyes. She reached toward him, but he stepped back. "No, don't."

Something inside him broke. Maybe it was his heart. He didn't know. His soul shriveled; disappeared into a preconceived prejudice of the classes. The wall of social prominence rose high, separating him from Miss Genevieve. He walked past the young Hughes sisters, Hank, and Matthias, ignoring their expressions of concern and left the main room. Bias and prejudice would always stand between a socially respected woman and her lower-class driver. He had no right to bring shame onto the woman he cherished.