SummlersRoost - Paisley Kirkpatrick


Danielle's father hoped working for the pastor would curb her wandering spirit. Only he didn't know the preacher had set his heart on turning the girl into his next bride. Unfortunately, that isn't the only secret their man of the cloth is hiding.

In a chance encounter on the beach, smuggler Jax Wellington loses his heart to the redheaded beauty. A job near the trading post gives him a chance to learn her identity and pursue her.
Jealousy and moonshine put Danielle's life in danger. Jax won't stop searching until he finds the woman he loves and exposes the preacher's true nature.

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Jax waited for Danielle to leave the office before him. Keeping his hands off her would be a challenge. He slipped them inside his breeches' pockets and followed her out of the church.

"So, we meet again, Miss Danielle Hughes?"

She looked away. "I'm sorry, Mr. Wellington, but you're mistaken. We've not met."

He held back a grin. The minx thinks she can outwit me? He plucked the ornate comb from her hair.

Danielle gasped. "How dare you. Give it back." She held her hand toward him.

He pulled the matching comb from his breast pocket. "Both of us were on that beach the other day." He handed the comb he'd just taken from her hair back to her. "This comb is my proof." He dropped it back inside his pocket.

"Please, I'd like my other comb. My mother gave it to me."

"If you want it, it'll cost you a kiss."

She slammed her hands against her slim hips. Sparks lit up her eyes. I should have known a temper rested beneath that reddish hair. He waited to see what she'd do next.

The preacher drove around the corner of the church and disrupted his conversation with Danielle. She sent him a look of disgust. Jax gave her a hand and helped Danielle onto the wagon seat next to Timmons.
Jacob glanced over his shoulder. "Are you coming with us or not, Wellington?"

Jax nodded and climbed up onto the seat of Hank's wagon. With a slap of the reins over the back of the horses, he caught up and followed close behind the preacher and Danielle.